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Katherine McBean is a founding member of People's Health Alliance (PHA). 

Her career has predominantly been focused on developing new/small businesses from a variety of sectors, with a large focus on the agricultural sector. This is where her realisation of the immense corruption throughout all major industries was born, and she vowed to build the new and adjust the old for many years.

As usual, in this interview we cover a lot as we have shared interests in the field of Health, predominantly Natural Health and taking personal responsibility for your own health as much as possible.

Peoples Health Alliance ~ by the people for the people

Katherine has felt passionately, for decades, about returning power and choice back to the people, naturally devolving central powers. Katherine is an engaging speaker, harnessing her skills with communication to help Peoples Health Alliance reach people across the world and inspire them to take action.

Organisation Name:  The People’s Health Alliance (PHA)

Website Link:

Twitter Link:  @TPHA_UK

Facebook Link:  The People’s Health Alliance

Telegram Link:  ThePeoplesHealthAlliance

Video Channel Link:

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