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About KBFPod

KBFPod is a brand new podcast that invites guest experts and members of the public who wish to share their experiences of the Covid Era and beyond.

KBFPod is a new show in both Podcast format, with Video versions available on many platforms.

The main purpose of the podcast, is to allow free speech and honest debate for those who've been otherwise silenced by the captured media and evidently corrupted social media.

The Host of KBFPod is a strong supporter for freedom, truth and advocates protection of Human Rights.  Leah Butler has been a very active member of the Freedom Movement since early 2020 when she set aside her anxiety for what 'people might think' and began speaking out about what she was learning.

KBF Origins

KBF is an acronym for Keep Britain Free.  A brand new movement that sprung out of the anti Lockdown skeptics and the legal case brought about by Simon Dolan.

Simon Dolan was one of the first public influencers to speak out against the 2020 Lockdowns.  

As a businessman and an avid supporter of self employed business owners, he could instantly see the economic damage the continued lockdowns would cause.

He went further when he saw the Government weren’t stopping the draconian measures, and engaged a legal team to address the unlawful nature of this undemocratic action.

The case was repeatedly sidelined and the Judge’s refused to accept that the Government behaved wrongly.

It is now very clear just how wrong those decisions were.  What’s since been exposed is a level of corruption that lead to those decisions.

At last in 2022, Rishi Sunak admitted just how wrong things were inside Cabinet meetings.  Who was really in charge (Scientists with conflicted interests) and who made the devastating decisions that the country is now experience the full effect of.  He comments ...

No one, not even cabinet members, would know how these decisions were reached.

What is also clear, the media have been bought and paid to avoid any dialogue that questions the Government and any of the agenda’s that are revealed.  In fact just Billionaire Bill Gates financing comes in at $319Million!  Another person who stood to gain from the fear mongering perpetuated by the press, which lead to the attempt to mandate (coerce & force) everyone accepting the experimental injections.

Mandating experimental jabs is not a democratic act.  It has never been necessary to force people to do something that is supposedly for their health, unless as is now clearly the case, they don't need it (survival rates never dropped below 99.9% for most) and it carries enormous risk to health (some current estimates are 1:800 injured).  

This is a topic very close to the heart of KBF.  We have seen people’s lives put at risk in order to push forward with injecting the entire population so as to then enforce a new ‘system’ of control in the form of ‘Vaccine Passports’.

The History of Keep Britain Free

Keep Britain Free was founded by Simon Dolan when he realised that people wanted a space to share their concerns freely, without the continued suppression they experienced on social media channels.  It maintains a presence online where the community forum became quieter following the legal cases ending but it remains a place for open discussion of all concerns relating to the rights and concerns of the British people.

KBF community birthed a number of physical meet-ups, now replaced with Stand in the Park founded by Fifi, though some loyal members maintain their group connections for example as "KBF Sussex" etc.

Around this time, a number of social media groups had also sprung up and many grew quickly, when approached the administrators were reticent about ‘joining’ a larger forum for discussion.  Along with uncertainty about who was who, the level of paranoia over what would come next during this horrifying unprecedented Government overreach, was palpable.  Thankfully at least … the paranoia and assaults on outspoken individuals by paid infiltrators, has now settled somewhat.

A couple of episodes of a new KBF ‘show’ were produced with Leah as host, and then the court case Simon had worked so hard to bring the Government to task - was once again shut down by Judgement.

It became clear, the Government would not be taken to task or forced to make it unlawful to ever repeat Lockdowns against the people again.  In essence, Human Rights abuses have been pushed under the carpet.  Though there is to be a Covid-19 Enquiry, and we’re keeping an eye on that!

The Mandated Mask Debacle

Masks had long since been debunked by scientists and Doctors over many decades of research into their potential efficacy in preventing the spread of infectious particles during a pandemic.

Moreover, it was deemed likely to be harmful to the wearer for extended periods such as NHS and other public facing workers.

There's a growing body of evidence to counter any unscientific claims that masks 'work'. 

SAGE however, have been handed far too much power, with the apparent ‘instruction’ from the Government, to provide their recommendations on how best to control the public based on yet more flawed models.

The fact the actual risk to health, had already been acknowledged as far less than originally perceived, did not deter SAGE (mostly behaviour scientists) from suggesting masks would help the public to remain compliant (be afraid).

When Matt Hancock proposed that the public would now be expected to wear masks in all outdoor venues including shops Leah, already a supporter of KBF and Simon Dolan's efforts, tweeted her reaction to the unscientific proposal.

Enough is Enough - it’s time to March On Whitehall!

Leah Butler, a mental health professional with well over two decades of experience and three decades of research specialising in Trauma recovery, had never been politically motivated, did not see herself as an Activist and her only experience of ‘campaigning’ was against the explosion of Knife Crime, where she supported the movement and a non profit exploring the causes.  That was in the late 2007 to 2010 period. 

Another of Leah’s areas of work is in training professionals in the art of influence and positive persuasion.  She is an NLP Trainer and in her own words acknowledges that the understanding of how to encourage people to act in specific ways can be positive, when the person doing the teaching is ethical.

As an example, Leah worked with a group of young people whose work involved recruiting potential employers of children labelled as NEET.  (Not in education, employment or training).  The teams of young people were passionate about engaging local employers to support the teens in finding a positive way to fulfill their lives as standard education facilities did not achieve suit for a variety of reasons.  Leah's role in the training, was to show how to engage with the employers, meet them where they're at, discover their objections and promote using positive language, the important role they could play in building a young persons self esteem and enhancing their future prospects.

None of Leah's trainings were anything other than positive, ethical and supportive of enhancing people's lives.

Clearly there are and always will be those who would use the body of knowledge called Behaviour Science, NLP and the studies done by Social Scientists - in nefarious ways.  A number of ethical scientists and behaviour trainers, are part of the movement as they themselves are disgusted by the actions of those advising the Government so they joined with others to push back.

The tweet calling for a peaceful protest against the mask mandates that Leah posted, had months of deep threads where real people were activated by either 77th Brigade (a branch of the UK military paid to sway public opinion on social media), bots or those who had succumbed to the harsh media driven brainwashing.

The tweet has since … disappeared.

The support that Leah received was incredible.  It shone a torch on just how many thousands of people were actively researching the Facts, knew that the risk of the ‘virus’ was grossly exaggerated, that the media were using brainwashing techniques (FEAR) and that there were clearly nefarious actors behind the scenes with sinister intentions for their own gain.

When the following morning after her tweet, Leah realised there was no turning back, she determined to find a way to bring together those who wished to protest against the latest assault on people’s freedoms and body autonomy

She was aware that a previous Hyde Park protest during early lockdown, had lead to peaceful protestors being arrested.  She wanted to make sure her call to action did not risk the protesting public’s freedom (any more than it was already curtailed!).

She communicated with the Metropolitan Police who assigned a ‘liason officer’.

Around this time there were many other protests, many where police kneeled before BLM protestors and none wore masks.  Simon Dolan stepped in to offer Leah support in her protest.  The people had spoken and none wanted to delay the protest but the liaison officer, could not confirm the protest had approval from the then Chief of Police, Cressida Dick.

Eventually, literally at the last minute, the liaison officer expressed his surprise at the unprecedented delay and suggested Leah go ahead and to make sure she introduced herself to the two police forces who would be present on the day.

That was Friday afternoon, the protest was arranged for the following Sunday 19th July 2020.

Anti Lockdown Hyde park Tweet

Hundreds turned up but thousands did not because of the delay in confirming arrangements.  The idea of a March was squashed as there are ‘rules’ about the length of notice required.  So a few speakers were invited and Leah chose those who she’d bravely seen standing up, speaking out and sharing the truth of what at the time, the country appeared to want to avoid...

That something was very very wrong!

As a result of the media attention arranged by Simon Dolan, though limited and abusive towards any protestor, Leah was able to get a slim window of opportunity to speak on mainstream media.  That included appearing on ITV This Morning which Leah says was a goal of hers pre-2020 but the opportunity came for another reason, not the pleasant one she had previously hoped for (a book launch regarding recovery from Trauma as an example!).  She also had a number of BBC Radio interviews beginning with an out and out attack by four individuals against Leah on BBC Radio 5.  

Leah says "You'll note that I spoke very fast during the ITV interview as I feared my opportunity to get any points across would be curtailed."  Within hours there were 13,000 hateful comments on the msm pages regarding Leah.  Most will have been Bots.  Such was the threat to the agenda at the time.  Though all dissenting medical voices remain prone to attack in the most vicious way!

Media channels were told not to provide a space for any further dissenting voices thereafter with strong threats from Offcom, all channels became silent except Talk Radio and later GBNews.

That was 2020.

2021 saw a lot of change.

Protests Grew & Grew!

Protests grew larger and pro freedom groups grew in numbers despite often being shut down by Facebook.  Newly formed Medical/Science and Legal groups were birthed with their own websites and hope began to rise. The people began to join together, to collaborate, professionals raised their heads and more and more new media began to question the narratives.

The people were largely relieved that the threatened lockdown of Christmas 2021, did not happen.

The majority relaxed and hoped that lockdowns were a thing of the past.

Yet … the nefarious actors behind the scenes, that drove the exaggerated claims of risk, who suppressed (continue to) true facts about mask harms, psychological manipulations, damage to the economy, to education, to children and to the health service - remain determined to continue with their goals.

A Year of Profound Loss ...

Leah Butler had a torrid year personally.  Beginning in January 2021 with the loss of her father’s partner shortly after the first jab, her father was hospitalised but thankfully recovered.  At this same time, Leah’s mother became very unwell following multiple falls which were a direct result of the lack of regular GP monitoring appointments.  What followed was 12 weeks of distressing attempts to ‘save her life’, where her mother ultimately succumbed following NHS Hospital neglect (and worse).

Leah’s experiences of loss did not end there as her mother’s partner had already been hospitalised following his first jab and despite nearly dying, recovered and returned home.  Though initially doing ok, ‘something’ then led to his collapse and ultimately his death.

Not only did Leah miss being permitted to visit her mother whilst in hospital, to comfort or care for her when the staff on this ward did not, she was now confronted with draconian, unscientific rules regarding the funeral.  Leah’s family were fraught with differing opinions as the horrific ‘rules’ continued to suppress the public's freedom and create division amongst families.

To add to the stress, though she didn't have a moments time to even digest what this meant, Leah's business websites, having been unattended since early in the year, were then found to be hacked beyond repair.  Leah had to set aside her business and some of her campaigning goals but ... she has never taken her foot off the pedal and maintained a position of sharing proven facts to awaken more people to the horrors of suppression and excess control.  She could win an award for the number of social media suspensions and bans!

2021 also saw her beloved Aunt’s cancer return with a prognosis of death within months.  Her cousin suffered severe heart failure and now has only 24% function, her best friend since childhood (friends for over 50 years!) then died suddenly, the post mortem showed multiple organ failure.  And as the year closed, the final funeral was that of her Aunt.

That sad tale of woe, is not shared here for sympathy - but to explain why Leah paused some of her goals in business, campaigning and life.

In late 2021, Leah was invited to join a conversation with people who headed their own groups and had their own influence sharing pro freedom information.  She’d been calling for collaboration since the summer of 2020 - finally a glimpse of that appeared.

As 2022 unravelled, Leah asked Simon Dolan for permission to add some content to the main Keep Britain Free website.   It was always run by volunteers but many had found life required more of them so the content slowed down.

Soon thereafter Leah determined a new podcast would be a great way to share more information, interview experts with otherwise suppressed views and explore the true reason for the fiasco we now see in the world.

She also focuses on HOPE and has a strong belief in the collective consciousness.

Enter ... KBFPod.

A Personal Note From Leah:

I would like to take a moment to thank you if you've been connected to me via social media these last years.  Your kindness and support kept me going through some of the toughest times I've ever known.

I am grateful to you for challenging the negative and hateful comments.  I am grateful for the loving comments and your continued encouragement for me to keep going.

I am grateful that there are people like you, with a brain that works and a mind that remains capable of critical thinking and evaluating facts.

I am grateful to you for researching yourself, learning how to discern truth from fiction, agenda from purpose and for your own efforts to keep sharing with others.

The Podcast has already taken a lot longer than my overly optimistic self thought it would.  I began interviewing in August 2022, completed 11 episodes by early September and yet the launch is now early November! 

My hope is that my Enhanced Life meditations and coaching resources, will support YOU in maintaining your wellbeing and health and in turn, help support me in the production of the show.  There is a brand new app in early build stages (scuppered by the horrendous website hacks I endured during 2021 whilst I attempted to save my mother's life and deal with the complete breakdown of my entire family - thanks to the brainwashing exercise c/o UK Govt) so a simple and speedy solution is to set up access to unique professional recordings via a Substack, which will also feature Health Tips and other essential resources.

During these tough times, I truly appreciate any help you can provide, whether it's sharing the podcast, the substack (which will remain focused on Natural Health and wellness topics so easier to share with 'normies') or supporting as a subscriber.  I appreciate you for everything!  

Thanks for Being on the Journey With Me!

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