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Nigel Jacklin formed the Democratic Network in order to support those who wished to stand up for what they felt is under threat by becoming a candidate for local councils.

Here he shares experiences that led to him becoming aware of corruption, fraud and a damaged police force.

Nigel Jacklin The Good Statistician

Statistician and market researcher Nigel Jacklin was one of the speakers at the first KBF gathering in Hyde Park in July 2020.  He spoke about mortality statistics.  Soon after giving this talk he and his wife, who trained as a Doctor, set up a local group (KBF Sussex) which rapidly grew from five to 200 members in the short space of a couple of months.  The group met in person once a fortnight for nearly two years. 

Nigel and his wife were well prepared for what happened in March 2020.  The previous month Sussex Police had raided their house, arresting them taking their laptops and phones following false allegations made by an off Duty Metropolitan police officer who had recently moved into the village they live in.  The police also took evidence bundles relating to a neighbour dispute the off-duty police officer was involved in and equipment they were using to record harassment by him.  Their belongings were returned 14 months later with no action taken. 

When I interviewed Nigel he was awaiting a response to a question he’d put to the Sussex Police and Crime Panel, asking about the frequency and outcome of investigations into police misconduct.  The response (received after this interview was recorded) showed that in the latest six months for which statistics were available there were ten Gross Misconduct hearings in Sussex resulting in two dismissals, five resignations and two final written warnings.  One further case was dismissed.  Whilst this suggests Sussex Police are acting on misconduct, Nigel’s experience (as we’ll hear) has been somewhat different.

Nigel Jacklin Forms The Democratic Network

As well as running their Sussex support group Nigel and his wife set up The Democratic Network, to help people get involved in local democracy and decision making.  Nigel and I both stood in the 2021 elections as Democratic Network candidates.  The Democratic Network are now supporting independent candidates and have just completed work with the Local Government Association encouraging people to stand in the May local elections.  If you want to get involved supporting people in the local elections check out their website and take part in the Network Survey.  You can say what’s important to you and ask for further information in the run up to this years elections which are on May 4th

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