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NHS100K with Matt Taylor helps us understand what happened when the NHS were told they either accepted the risk of an experimental product or lose their jobs.

When Matt Taylor realised the pandemic was turning into something horrifying, abusing bodily autonomy and forcing a choice between continuing your vocational career by accepting a rushed experimental medical product with known risks, or an uncertain future with no idea of what will happen to your family ...

He gravitated towards the people who were sharing facts that differed from those in the mainstream press.

Naturally there are many within the Health Service, who first saw that things inside hospitals were not as publicised and those who just knew the illnesses people were arriving in hospital with, were the same as they'd seen for years before (symptom wise) and then there were those who fundamentally disagree with enforced, mandated or coerced medical interventions.

The Formation of NHS100k

There were already a number of NHS staff talking about how they could create a larger voice to protect themselves and their health from coerced experimental injections with zero long term safety data.

Four women founded the NHS100k when the mask mandates were in introduced to support clinicians and anyone else who needed that.  Many working in the NHS were put under enormous pressure to ignore their medical knowledge and even their ethics in order to follow 'orders' and enact new policies.

The NHS100k group formed and grew quickly to over 100 thousand advocats of body autonomy and honesty.

Matt Taylor the Paramedic

Matt as a Paramedic saw the impact on the public from the media Govt promoted fear campaign.

The workload that Matt experienced confirmed that there was 'something' causing more illness but despite that, he knew when mandates were being pushed and freedom of movement was so restricted, there was a lot wrong with the response from the Govt & health advisors.

Matt maintains a strong belief that medical practitioners should uphold the ‘first do no harm’ promise and respect individuals choice regarding treatments. 

An Opinion of What Lead to Some of the NHS Perception of Covid

As it's been a point of discussion, debate and argument in the last few years eg 

   Why didn't more NHS speak up?

My opinion (Leah) as an expert in the field of behaviour and influence and as a Clinical Hypnotherapist - the level of fear in the community, in every corner of life will have played a large part in the way people were thinking.

Matt helps us see through his eyes, just as the interview with an ex A&E Nurse with Vaccine Control Group shared, the level of panic among the staff with top down insistence on following orders.

The narrative included symptoms specific to Covid that suggested it was more dangerous and unusual than any other virus seen before.

Yet the actual cause of death brought about by catching the virus, that being the disease known as covid-19, was the same as if someone contracted any respiratory virus eg Pneumonia.

Unless of course, you were unlucky enough to be introduced to 'palliative care' teams inside a care home,  Where they appear to have been instructed it was kinder to help them 'avoid suffering', because the hospitals won't take them back.

The claim within the media, was there were other side effects that only came with this virus but as death counts showed, even so it never was anymore deadly except to those who would have been equally vulnerable to other respiratory illnesses.  

The 'broken glass' lung for example, was spoken of as if it had never been seen before.  Yet it is common in smokers and those who've been exposed to fibreglass in their work.  You can read about this here.

I learned from a few NHS clients during 2020/21, that when I questioned them in a specific way, for example asking -

   "have you ever seen those symptoms before?"

and initially they might stick to what the framed beliefs were ...

   "no this is specific to covid"

to which I'd then say "so you've never seen xyz symptom in a patient before?"

... at which point their eyes flicker as the cognitive dissonance is being challenged and as they access their memory banks they realise

... "yes, it's something you will see when [insert condition]"

I would also ask:

   "If no-one ever mentioned a 'novel virus' what would you have presumed the patient was suffering with?"

And again, you can see the mind searching it's databases for symptoms that are similar/ the same and realising that of course they've seen them before but they were told it was Covid they were looking for, so Covid is what they 'suspected' with a healthy dose of fear attached to the diagnosis.

The Authority Principle

People often believe what they are told by others they've categorised unconsciously as 'trusted authority figures'.  That includes the BBC, Bosses at work, family members, Health Agencies etc.

So initially the information people's brains downloaded included;

  • deadly disease
  • new disease
  • no treatments
  • spreads quickly
  • must separate people
  • must protect the NHS from the enormous wave of dying people that's about to land any day now 
  • it's the hospitals we see on the TV that are overwhelmed, let's hope it doesn't happen here but brace yourselves!

From there the RAS (reticular activating system), will have literally looked for ANY evidence to support the above.

That combined with the NHS being convinced their hair and clothes would become vectors of disease made them overtly aware of themselves as 'carriers' and frightened of killing their loved ones: led to an inability to rationalise from what they had always known compared to what they were being told.

I hope the above helps explain why some in the NHS still believe the idea there were 100's of thousands of deaths caused by nothing other than Covid despite FOI requests (freedom of information) showing us that a handful of people in Trusts and hospitals actually died because they contracted this virus.

Final Note on NHS & Media Beliefs Around Covid

I am not suggesting there was no such thing as a new coronavirus, whatever a coronavirus may be, nor am I suggesting there was no increase in sick people just as in early 2018, many thousands of elderly died in the space of a few weeks from the strain of flu that year.

I am not debating the existence of any viruses at all (that's a job for scientists) ... just showing the influence of beliefs over what we are really seeing vs what we are told we are seeing.

As in the United Kingdom, the correlation between the excess use of end of life medications and deaths labelled 'covid' is a startling demonstration of the possible causes of death, when even Hancock's wassap leaked messages showed that 94% of those suffering 'should have' survived.  More on those here.

And people died with or of covid, inside hospitals and care homes, not in their own homes ...  A Fact which should make anyone think.

Any NHS staff reading this, who have further information or insights, please do get in touch using the Contact form or just email kbfpod(at)gmail(dot)com.

FOI Request Examples

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