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David Fleming introduces Not Our Future, the campaign that will defend against the agenda(s) that threaten to steal our children's future & rob humanity of all democratic rights; UN / WEF agenda 30!

Not Our Future Campaigns

You can join many others including David Fleming, Right Said Fred and others representing and coming from many groups inc:  Lawyers for Liberty, Together, UKMFA, Safer to Wait and more this Sunday 8th January.

There will be a mass leafleting campaign to bring awareness to all the people living in the town, what the council proposals mean.

not our future

In time these 'trial runs' will roll out to every town, city and neighbourhood in our country and our world - unless we stop them.

Whilst we might believe in some of the conveniences, we also recognise that the 'climate agenda' is being used as a means of psychological coercion to convince the public, they have no choice.

They do.  You do!

We must band together in every way possible, to stop these narcissistic psychopathic entities from stealing our children's future, their freedoms to travel and live as they wish.

These lunatics, do not own the world, the planet, the grass upon which we wander ...

They do not own the roads, the street lights or the legal courts.

You do.  We do.

We need to stand together now, grow strong in our voices and let them all know ... enough is enough!

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Twitter:  @Not_OurFuture


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