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Marianne Penny and James Hunt join me to explain the nature of Holistic Farming and their Growing Sovereign project to restore quality farming that produces quality healthy food.

Holistic Farming is well explained when Marianne shares how farmers have wrongfully been led to believe what is required for healthy plants to grow and remain profitable.

Marianne's journey from mother with a child who was in suffering, to holistic farmer is enormously interesting, not least because she shares how she cured her son's horrible skin disorder but how she began to discover the truth of geopolitics of health and farming.

Marianne talks about how our 'health' is actually governed by the Big Corporations.   A fact that is now blatantly clear since 2020 and the draconian measures used to exploit people's trust in Governments. 

It's not just the Bees under threat ...

Wherever farmers at a holistic level, have taken nature as the paradigm, you see fertility, water cycles and biodiversity returning.

What I find enthralling, is how with some knowledge and determination, all farmers can restore health to the soil they farm, water storage function, an absence of any harsh chemicals and a restoration of the vital biodiverse nature of nature.

holistic farming

The Truth about Holistic Management farming is enlightening!

Marianne talks about the grains whose production was once again interfered with by Big Pharma.

She shares how cost effective it is after transition period, to be a holistic farmer who cares about people, food, and the environment.

James talks about some of the nefarious methods that Big Corporations have managed to convince and coerce farmers and indeed, pharmaceuticals into doing things that are against the population to whom their services claim to serve.

Spend your money locally!

Marianne did some number crunching and suggests that if the people who went on protests, spent half their food budget each week locally, you would see a £100MILLION a week improvement!

That's why this interview is so important to share.  With friends, with family, with everyone!

Recommended Reading ...

There a number of books mentioned by both guests today.

Marianne shares how she learned what to do to help cure her son's severe eczema and mentions German New Medicine - this book covers what Dr Hamer discovered: German New Medicine Experiences in Practice

James mentions two excellent books in his interview We Want Real Food by Graham Harvey and Grass Fed Nation by the same author.

There's a highly recommended book detailing what Marianne referred to as 'holistic management'.  With three authors including Allan Savory the chap mentioned in the interview.

Following these guidelines, imagine how we can restore what decades of lies and deceit have lost us.  

Instead of farmers being compelled to turn their farm over to 'rewilding' projects - why not do this?

Perhaps you'll share this episode with your local producers and help us all SAVE the planet the right way!

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