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Dr Val Fraser is an educationalist, former teacher and teacher educator.  She is joined with Jo who was instrumental in founding Safer to Wait, the valuable protection for children group. 

Safer to Wait are a group of concerned parents, teachers, doctors, and lawyers, who are – just like you – trying to make the best decision when it comes to the Covid-19 vaccines and children.

Their website aims to help you weigh up the risks and benefits for your child, by providing information that is not being widely shared. This must be considered before informed consent can be given.

Safer to Wait is a relatively small, independent group. However, many highly qualified doctors and scientists are also speaking out individually, voicing concerns about the Covid-19 vaccine and children. We think they should be listened to.

In the interview Jo mentions the trial data and provides the link here:

Pfizer trial: Estimated study completion date: February 2024

Please watch and share the Safer to Wait powerful & empowering videos page:

Safer to Wait STOP! video:

 Safer to Wait Q&A Pfizer video:

 Safer to Wait Dear Parent video:

 Safer to Wait on World Council for Health

Safer to Wait is going global with their videos to parents now translated into many languages to make sharing easier.

Please visit the website for more:

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