The Home of Keeping

 it Real

KBF is built on essential Principles for life: Freedom, Fairness, Connection, Autonomy & to support Free Speech with Open Honest Conversation and Debate, 

What we do

Open a space for you to share your stories

The voices of the people were silenced, ridiculed and ignored.  We're here to provide a place for experts and real people alike, to speak feely and openly about what began in the Covid Era and what is now following.  We will provide the space for open lively debate, a place to express concerns and importantly - to share hope!

Unpacking the Facts

Over two years there have been insurmountable harms to the people of Britain.  It's time to unpack & examine those.

Home of Common Sense

We aim to invite experts who've been suppressed. We want the Pod to be your go to for Real evidenced information.

Focusing on Solutions

In our expert interviews, we aim to focus on solutions to the problems we currently face, aswell as those we anticipate in the future.

You can request a guest!

This is a show dedicated to the listener.  Our intention in it's creation is to become a trusted voice for sensible discussion, evidence based information and education.

We want you to know, you can request guests and we'll do everything we can to invite to this space.

There'll be opportunities to send in your questions and more.

why we do it

We’ve been there

Not one of the team working at KBF (volunteers), escaped the harms brought about by Covid Measures, draconian laws, punishing cruel lockdowns and the continued unscientific 'guidance' of mask wearing, testing and keeping families apart during the most emotionally charged times.

We will never stop fighting for Human Rights, Body Autonomy, Fairness in our politics and rationale open debate.

Common sense

We want to bring truth & common sense back online

The Facts, whether they be scientific, medical, political, legal ... have been muddied by legacy media.  It has never been more important to provide a space for the truth seekers and the thruthful speakers to connect and collaborate on what our future needs to be so we remain in control.

Another Way Documentary

In an effort to shine a light on an appropriate Pandemic response reflected by Sweden, Businessman & lockdown challenger Simon Dolan together with Comedian Sean Collins made a documentary visiting the country and investigating the FACTS.  Facts that were being sidelined, suppressed and vilified by British media.

You can watch the show and see for yourself how their top Epidemiologist largely saved Sweden from the horrors that other countries including our own, faced.

another way documentary